16,000 North Indian cyclonic season
First storm formed April 2
Last storm dissipated December 30
Strongest storm Nana - 165 mph, 893 mbar
Depressions at least 25
Deep depressions at least 16
Cyclonic storms at least 12
Severe cyclonic storms at least 10
Super cyclonic storms at least 6
Total damages $155 quadrillion(16,000 USD)
Total fatalities at least 2,353 indirect, >6,565

Super Cyclonic Storm Nana(08A) was the strongest storm of this season. The IMD got hit by a rock from space and kill all of the IMD workers on Feb. 28. A new TCWC was the Bane-India cyclonic warning center(BICWC). Karen Mark was tracking Nana for weeks, and BICWC asked the IMD to share IMD's scale, so they took it and used it on Feb. 27-December 30. Toads Nicholas was giving cyclone warnings and watches for the whole Indian subcontinent.

Cyclonic stormsEdit

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