10415 eruption of Agua Calientes
VEI 7 super eruption (USGS)
SuperVolcano (2005 - 1)

Multiple Volcanic Vents blowing up
Volcano Aguas Calientes
Date July 5th, 10415
Time 1550 UTC
Eruption type Ultra-Plinian
Location Argentina
Fatalities 201 deaths, 605 injured
Damages $483M (10415 USD)
Other impacts

The 10415 eruption of Aguas Calientes was a violent VEI 7 Ultra-Plinian super-volcanic eruption, which began on July 5th, quickly increasing in violence until the big eruptions happened on July 12th. By July 19th, the summit had collapsed by 368 meters, to form a caldera in the summit of the volcano, dropping the height from 4473 to 4105 meters in height. Smaller eruptions occurred after this, until the volcano once again fell silent on August 5th, leaving 201 people dead, 605 others injured, and $483 million in damages. In addition to this, global temperatures dropped by 1.2*C, bringing on a widespread famine in the areas set to farming to make their living, most severely in the America's.

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